Before I got my first great dane, Diesel, I had dreamed many years of someday owning a Great Dane. I honestly never thought my dream would come true, until now (June-2006). I am totally in love with this breed and I know that anyone who ever owns a dane will always own one...or two...or three. Great danes are loyal, loving, playful, and just an all around wonderful breed. For myself, well, I couldn't imagine curling up on the couch without having a Great Dane curled up beside me, or push me out into the floor (this is typically the case).

Most importantly, our Great Danes are not kept in kennels. We are a family and our dogs are very much apart of that. All of our dogs and puppies are raised indoors with us as part of our family and handled on a daily basis. All of our dogs are gentle and loving, and everyone they meet is considered a new friend. We strive to produce puppies with EXCELLENT temperaments, health and structure.  We enjoy many of the unique colors we are seeing today. We do however have some color pure dogs as well. I do want to note that just because a Dane is an " off " color does not mean it's not just as beautiful or healthy as a breed standard color. I personally have seen many "breed standard color" Danes with poor conformation, eye and hip problems, as well as bad temperament so I have to laugh when I see show/breed standard people post that these "off" colors are more prone to health issues because they are new colors that can't be bred correctly. The other off/designer colored Danes have been around since the 1600's!!

Every single person has a different idea about what makes the perfect dog and that is why we are all drawn to different breeds of dogs and different colors. It is a person's right to choose what qualities they want in their life long furry companion, and it it a breeder's right to choose which standards are the most important in their breeding program, whether it be health, temperament, color, or confirmation. Here at Never E'Nuff Great Danes our main focus is on health and temperament. We love producing the fun and unique colors as well, but aim to produce the healthiest possible Dane we can!

We have recently began to add the European bloodlines into our program and we are so excited about this!

All of our great danes are registered with AKC. The American Kennel Club is the most recognized and most trusted kennel club in America.


 "My first true love was a Great Dane!"


Never Enuff Great Danes..."Where one Great Dane is just Never E'Nuff!"



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