Thanks for stopping in to see us! We are proud to have you here and to let you look around. Please see all the pages of our dogs, and if you have any questions please let us know! We are always eager to win your trust and place you with the perfect puppy to match your lifestyle! We hope that the sale of one of our puppies will not be the end of a transaction, but the beginning of a lifelong Great Dane friendship.  

Please keep in mind that Great Danes are not for everyone and we do encourage you to research this wonderful breed. GREAT DANES ARE GIANT DOGS, WITH GIANT HEARTS, BUT THEY ALSO COME WITH GIANT RESPONSIBILITIES!!!



"There is nothing like a Dane!" is often heard from fanciers of this breed. And while size alone makes him unique, the Great Dane's personality is the quality that most find so appealing. The Dane is a "people dog" - a sensitive and affectionate companion. They can be elegant and dignified one moment, and then playful and silly the next. 




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